Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grew an Apple Tree

Found this blank apple tree with a poem and put it on red construction paper. I was teaching them about apples and the different colors they are. I used red, green, yellow bingo markers for the kiddies to use to color apples.

I told them which one to color at first, along with me holding their hand around the marker so they could understand better. doing this made them not want to just bang the marker all over the paper randomly.

Then I let them do it by themselves when we got to the second and third colors. They loved it! To make it even easier (since there's only a few 2yr olds) I sat with one kid at a time doing the green first while all the other kiddies watched. After everyone did the green, then we did red, and then yellow.

I will type up the poem if anyone is interested.


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