Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brown Paper and a Teddy Bear

This is something easy and fun we always do throughout the year with projects. Print out a shape of whatever you're working on that week, and just put random dots of glue inside that shape. Have scraps of construction paper or tissue paper in little pieces already set out on the table for them and just let em grab pieces and place it on the paper.

We love doing this with a lot of projects because a lot of times when you let them glue it they either put way too much or not enough. Another good thing about putting dots of glue on the paper for them is that whatever is being pasted on there will stick where it needs to be. For example, I didn't put any glue on the face cause I wanted that to be blank (besides the ears).

After they did that I gave them some pink tissue paper for the ears. Final project will be posted later.


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